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by ryan on January 5, 2017


January Calendar Templates For Martin Luther King Day



The third Monday in January is celebrated as Martin Luther King Day to commemorate the birthday of the great African American leader Martin Luther King. Initially January 15th was observed as Martin Luther King Day in the US. President Ronald Regan ultimately declared the third Monday in January as a national holiday in remembrance of King. The first Martin Luther King Day was observed on Jan 20, 1986 at a railway depot in Atlanta Georgia with much emotional fervor to memorialize King.

Remembering Dr Martin Luther King

Racial discrimination was a menace that was haunting America in the fifties. African Americans were denied equal rights in the society-in public transport, public schools and housing.

Martin Luther King, a pastor by profession, was immensely angered by this state of affairs. Determined to give his fellow African Americans their human rights, he led many Civil Rights Movements. As a result of his perseverance and consistent efforts the Civil Rights Act 1964 was which proclaimed race equality to African Americans in all matters.

Memorial services and elaborate ceremonies are held on Martin Luther King Day to keep alive the memory of that notable leader. Special TV and radio programs on the life and efforts of King are broadcasted on this day as a tribute to him. Political leaders render special messages remembering King.


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Remembering His Doctrines

Martin Luther King Day is the right time to remember the doctrines of non violence preached by that distinguished and outstanding leader. His words within his most famous speeches are highly relevant in today’s terror and crime stricken world. King wanted a hatred and slavery free world.

You as an individual can make a difference to the world. So on the next Martin Luther King Day make a resolve to realize the ‘Dream’ of that remarkable personality to erase racial discrimination and spread the message of peace and brotherhood, freedom and justice in the world.


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